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Protect Your Home with Wind Mitigation Inspection in Boca Raton FL

Welcome to Arrow Property Inspection. We offer home and roof inspectionand pool inspection. We are a local certified and licensed home assessment company mainly operating in Florida State. Additionally, we are specialized in wind mitigation inspection in Boca Raton FL. We guarantee that you need us, so have a look at the services we offer:

Home and Building Examination Prior to Wind Mitigation

Are you going to sell or buy a new home or property? Do you need a professional home inspector to tell if you need wind mitigation measures?

We are ready and available to give you our services. You can guess how much importance the decision of buying a property has. This type of examination includes structural as well as mechanical assessment. This investment and bargain may be one of the biggest and most important ones of your life. You cannot buy a property for family living which is not certified as ‘healthy and fit’ for residence.

For this purpose, you will have to hire a competent and skilled home inspector. Any property buyer and seller will want to have thorough professional and highest quality services. There comes Arrow Property Inspection to assist you in the inspection process. We assure you the uppermost service quality and customer care. We can help you detect any property flaws and tell you how to correct them. You can understand that a well aware home inspector can give you clues how to increase your property value.

Arrow Property Inspection is the company that offers you the best service and advice regarding home inspection and value addition. Our home inspection includes thorough structural and mechanical components, interior and exterior checkup. It takes almost three hours. After the process is complete, we will issue you an assessment report if the building is fully fit for dwelling. If not, we can advise you on how to cover up any flaws and add value to your property.

Wind Mitigation Inspection in Boca Raton FL is Necessary

Being a coastal region, the Southeastern United States including Florida comes under strong wind storms every year. You need to have a wind mitigation examination to get to know how much your home is safe and secure against windstorms.

In wind mitigation assessment, we check out garage doors, other doors, and windows, the geometry of roof, roof decking, installation of storm clips and straps. If these components were in a good condition, the roof would sustain the pressure of windstorm. Moreover, if it is capable to continue another three years or so, we issue the fitness certificate to the roof. One thing pertinent to mention is that only a proficient and expert one can handle this type of inspection. Arrow Property Inspection is accomplished enough to carry out this examination.

Examination and Roof Certification in Boca Raton FL

The roof is the most significant part of any building. If the roof in your home is leaking or has any other damage, how can you reside in these conditions? When selling or renting out a property you need a roof certification. That certificate is the proof of that the roof is fully fit and sound and livable for three years or so. Otherwise, we identify the faults and suggest repair or replacement. If you also want to sell or rent out your household property, Arrow Property Inspection offers you the services of roof qualifications certification.

4 Point Inspection

This sort of checkup includes the examination of HVAC, electrical appliances, plumbing, and roof. It has a lot of importance because it can bring you a hefty insurance coverage. You can claim the due amount of risk if you have any such flaws in your home. That way, the insurance company will be liable to provide you with repair or replacement work compensation. However, the basic requirement for such inspection is that the home examiner must be certified, insured, and licensed.

Indoor Air Quality Testing is Necessary for Health

This type of test is necessary for a healthy living. The indoor environment may have certain contaminations that are harmful to human and pets’ health. To detect these contaminants and conducting preventive measures, you need to have the quality of indoor air tested. Arrow Property Inspection consultants offer you professional and highest quality testing. Have this test as soon as possible to make sure you are living and breathing in a healthy environment.

Why Choose Us?

Arrow Property Inspection gives you all the above-mentioned services at the most affordable prices. The most knowledgeable inspectors and staff of our company provide you with the most professional home check up facilities. The best customer care and relationship service, the highest rated and sincere advice and consultancy.

Have our consultation facility today to get your property assessed; fix any building faults; and add value to your home or property.

We are available to serve you anytime in the best and the most professional manner. Contact us today.

Arrow Property Inspection offers professional wind mitigation, roof inspection, and other quality assurance services for homes and offices in Boca Raton FL.

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