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The property is always a valuable asset. Property owners invest a lot of their money in it, either to live in it or to sell it for a profit. Arrow Property Inspection helps you with their services not only to buy the best property but also to sell your property at its best rate and conditions. Our home Inspection service in Cooper City serves in its best way to inspect your property before buying or selling to get the best out of it.

Why Hire a Home Inspector

People may misunderstand the word ‘inspector’ for the law, but this is different. It is that it is always beneficial to hire a home inspector to know the worth of your property. A home inspector helps you to buy the best property. These professionals save your property from selling at a low price. They focus on the major points they will eventually help both buyer and seller. It will save buyers price and after repairing, the selling price will increase.

Home Inspection in Cooper City FL

An average home inspection in Cooper City FL takes 2.5-3 hours. While inspecting your home our inspector will observe certain things listed below:

  • Structural components

Our company man will check the material used in making the walls, ceiling, floors, and roof structure.

  • Exterior

House exterior appeal others more than the interior. Therefore, exterior needs proper checking, and that includes your porch area, sidewalks, drive area, and deck. All these components enhance the beauty of your home so that they are at their best.

  • Roof

The roof is one of the most important aspects of any building. It should be firm enough to protect the people inside the building from harsh weather. It must have a good drainage system, vents, chimney, and skylights. Roof making material should be stable enough to handle the load. There should not be any leakages because they would destroy your house walls.

  • Plumbing and fixtures

Plumbing and fixture include things like water supply, drainage, water heating equipment, faucets, sink, bathtubs, showers, and toilets. These basics need checking because the wrong fixtures will cause much trouble.

  • Electric System

Dealing with the electric system is a bit risky and delicate work. It needs attention and perfection for which our services are available. Our agent will have proper check out of your electrical system to avoid any casualty in future.

  • Heating and Cooling System

Heating and cooling system includes central and through wall equipment, operating controls, distributing system and venting system. There should not be any leaking in pipes as because it will cause you many troubles.

  • Interior

The property is not something that anyone can build repeatedly, as it will cost you a large sum of money. Proper examining is required before buying any property. The interior includes finishing materials that add on the glam to your interior. Staircase, windows, door, garage doors operators, and safety related items, these all need proper analysis.

Licensed Residential Home Inspector

Leaving your own residential home in someone else hands is unsafe. For residential inspection, you need someone experienced and well known for this work. Our company provides you licensed and trained worker. You could easily trust our services. For detail survey of your home, we offer you a detailed scan of your house to avoid any issues that remain invisible to a naked eye.

Infrared Thermal Imaging Cooper City FL

Thermal imaging is a method of improving the visibility of objects in dark by detecting the objects infrared radiation. Our company offers you the service of thermal image inspection so that you could have the details of your house. Thermal imaging will detect your house and will give the detailed scrutiny with night vision. Thermal imaging lens can see through smoke. It could detect the faults if any that the inspector’s eyes would miss.

Benefits of Thermal Imaging:

Having a survey through thermal imaging could save you from your loss. It is beneficial in certain ways:

  • Lower costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce risk

Thermal imagers allow you to detect the faults through a distance. It helps you more to find flaws in electric wirings. It is cost effective producing a great result and reducing the risk.

Inspecting Word of Honor:

Arrow Property Inspection gives you an edge of reselling your house. If our home inspector misses something, and that causes you or your home some loss, then we will pay back for your loss. We could pay back you the whole amount you paid for your house if you wanted to replace it.

Our company guarantees reliable inspections that are beneficial for you. Give us a call! We will be pleased to serve you through our best services.

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