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Best Structural Inspection in Weston MA with Infrared and Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging and infrared thermal imaging are the latest technology used by structural inspectors in developed and developing countries. There is a clear difference between both techniques, and each requires specialization. They help home inspectors detect water and air leakage issues that can cause severe structural deformities if ignored.

We, at Suburban Home Inspection, are a team of highly trained experts who can inspect any structure to detect flaws. Ignoring damages in the structure of any building can prove lethal because the building can collapse on the people inside it at any time. This is why; ignoring the faults is never an option. Moreover, before you purchase any residential or commercial building, you will need our services for professional advice. Likewise, before you put up your property for sale, you need to repair any damages that can cause the value of your property to drop.

Difference between Thermal and Infrared Thermal Imaging

We provide both thermal and infrared imaging in Weston MA because there is a very important difference between these two techniques. Each comes with unique advantages and only technical inspectors like us have an eye for details. With numerous years of experience in our bag, we know where we need to focus on to detect problems. Once we identify faults in the structure, we help you find immediate professional repair services.

Infrared Thermal Imaging (IRT) or Infrared Thermography

An infrared camera generates images by converting the heat signatures it detects into signals displayed on a monitor. Specialists can print these heat energy signatures to evaluate the structure of the building. Think of it as an x-ray of the building, exposing the faults through heat signatures. The infrared energy the building emits is directly proportional to the temperature of the building. Therefore, an infrared camera measures the temperature accurately.

Thermal Imaging

This is an example of infrared imaging science. Thermographic cameras help technicians detect specific ranges of radiations using an electromagnetic spectrum. Usually, the camera detects long-infrared waves within 9,000-14,000 nanometers (9–14 µm). The images produced using this technique is what we call “Thermograms.”

Reading such images requires skills. Not everyone can interpret the images such cameras generate. This is why; we strictly hire trained professionals and still give our team more training.

Benefits of Using Infrared Thermal Imaging in Weston MA

  1. It provides accurate and detailed information about the condition of the building

The human eye cannot go as far as seeing through the building; neither can they detect temperature changes in a structure. However, with infrared technology, this is possible and with instant results. It can show the condition of different systems installed in the building. Whether you need to look at HVAC issues, insulation, moisture intrusion, and structural damage due to air or water leaks, this technology will provide accurate answers.

  1. Reveals hidden issues during a home inspection

This technique helps detect risky and large issues that are almost impossible to detect superficially. Water problems, for example, can weaken the walls and floors of any building, and lead it to collapse. Usually, people look for signs on the surface, whereas the damage is in the plumbing systems, concealed from our vision. There may be missing or fallen insulation systems and HVAC deficiencies too, which need such advanced techniques for detection.

  1. It tells home inspectors how serious the problem is

When you hire an inspector who uses this technique, it increases the chances of getting a thorough and accurate structural inspection. At a nominal fee, you can improve the condition of your building and increase its worth.

Benefits of Thermal Imaging in Weston MA

Instead of a mechanical inspection, this technique allows detecting the following problems within minutes:

  • Radon leaks
  • Pests infestations (rats, mice, and others)
  • Faulty fuses, wiring, and breakers
  • Missing insulation
  • Ventilation problems
  • Heat or energy loss
  • Mold growth
  • Moisture Intrusion
  • Leaks in piping or duct work
  • Roof Leaks
  • Cracks in the foundation
  • Structural deformities

Benefits of Radon Testing in Weston MA

Radon is a silent killer. It is present in air, water, and the soil in various parts of Weston MA. Most people ignore the importance of checking for radon gas leaks when buying or selling the property. However, this naturally occurring radioactive gas is hazardous at many levels. It is one of the primary causes of lung cancer in the U.S. (according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency). Using infrared and thermal imaging techniques, we help you make the right decision when buying or selling a property. Do not ignore the importance of radon testing and take health hazards seriously. Prevention is better than cure.

We Are Your Best Property Inspector in Weston MA

Whenever you need a commercial of residential home inspection in Weston MA, call us! We will be there within the shortest time, with the latest gadgets to provide an accurate and thorough report. Nothing escapes our eyes so you can count on our specially trained team for an honest report. Our property inspectors are available at the most affordable rates. We never bill you with hidden charges and maintain transparency as we work with you.

If you have any doubts or concerns, our team will be glad to answer your calls and messages.

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