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No More Trouble with Water Heater & Gas Line Installation in Moore OK

The trouble associated with the installation of electrical or a gas appliance is an age-old story. Modern techniques have come by now and if you are still stuck with old school procedures, it is time to go back and think about it.

You may have been troubled with services for water heater & gas installation in Moore OK before but not anymore. With Five Star Plumbing, installing and repairing of these appliances has become easy. We provide the most reliable services for all residents in the area and we have made sure we exceed your expectations.

Being the Best Is Not Easy

Five Star Plumbing is one of the very few companies in the area that offer diversity in services from water heaters to gas line repair all under the same roof. We offer reliability and affordability at the same time. The quality of service is not something we can compromise and this is the last thing you can expect from us.

Five Star has been receiving five stars on its reviews from all clients. We have been maintaining a strict check on our service quality. In all these years of service, we never had any incomplete job. We assure all our clients, residential or business owners, that they will get the right value for their money. We have developed a policy for our work and in that; we keep customers as our first priority. You are our most valuable assets and our customer care will show that to you.

Having a great reputation and maintaining it is not as easy as it looks. We have always put our best foot forward just to provide our customers an exceptional service quality. With every job we have completed, you can see the professionalism we work with.

What Do We Offer that Others Do Not? 

There are many services for installation and repair of heating and cooling appliances in your area. All of them claim that they provide the services you are looking for, but you cannot trust all of them. Five Star Plumbing brings more than just claims of superior services to the table. We have a record to show for it. We make our success make the noise most of the time.This is why we should be your first and only the choice for water heater & gas line installation in Moore OK.

We Offer Excellence

  • We offer the most reliable cover for your services, as we are bonded, licensed and insured. Trusting a company that can show its credentials when and where asked is wiser and easier.
  • We have a professional team of men that receive job specific training for all the services that they provide. Not many companies do background checks for their employees but you can rest assured that we do that here at Five Star. Only the best people will make their way to your residence.
  • We come well equipped with the latest technology. We have developed the most effective techniques to finish the job well and in time.
  • We have a special protocol and set of precautions that we take before we start a job. Dealing with water heaters and boilers that run on gas can have its fair share of occupational hazards and we make sure to take care of that well beforehand.
  • With Five Star Plumbing, you can be sure that the service will complete in time because we meet all the deadlines. Moreover, we try to keep everything within the first estimated fee that we have given so that there are no shockers at the end. There will be no hidden charges and you will know what you have paid for.

These reasons are better than all other spurious claims by unreliable companies that do not mean a thing. We make sure that you get the best available boiler repair or water heater repair services available in the market.

Do You want to Get a Tank-less Water Heater?

Tankless water heaters are considerably new and they are effectively energy efficient as well. They are a lot better to get than a regular water heater installation if your household needs for hot water are normal. Tankless water heaters also go by the name Demand-type Water Heaters.’  As the name suggests, they do not have a tank that stores warm water in it. Rather they have coils and heating mechanism that heats water as required and when required.

Because this is new and many people are adopting it, tankless water heater installation in Moore OK is a much sought after service. Five Star Plumbing has the right people for the job that are trained and skilled to pull this off. These heaters are better both for your house bill reduction and to make you more environmentally concerned. Do not worry and get in touch with us for tank less water heater repair and installation services.

Faulty Gas Lines Are Not a Problem Anymore

All users should be aware of the dangers of a faulty gas line. The hazards of a gas leak can be serious. The gas line goes all around your house and should always be well maintained and perfect.

It goes without saying that gas line repair is something you cannot take too easy. If you have a leak, you need to sort it out before anything else. We have the expertise and the experience that the job requires. Our men will be at your doorstep in no time and the leak will be as if it never existed. If unattended, the gas leak can cause extensive and expensive loss to the property and to the health of people in the vicinity. 

We also offer gas line installation Moore OK services for your convenience. Get the best of service with Five Star Plumbing and make your gas line new again. Old piping can be more prone to damage and leaks. Getting it replaced with a new one before that happens is a good practice. A timely installation of the gas line can actually give you financial and health benefits.

We have made sure that our services related to water heater & gas line installation are top-notch and you can get all the information by calling at 405-593-4398 or 405-582-2384. You can also write to us at

For details, Please feel free to call us at 405-593-4398

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