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11Storm has been working for many years to rescue your house with our fire and soot damage restoration in Wilton CT. We feel good about providing an excellent service for cleaning up all the mess. We are a full-time service that can help you live in a safe house.

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Smoke and Soot Damage Restoration

Have you paid much attention to your house?

No? Do not worry we can help you. Many people do not realize that their house is suffering from smoke and soot damage. It can be very tricky at times. There could many reasons for the damage. It occurs from the “puff back,” when you have not cleaned your gas-fueled or oil-fueled appliance fort months. You may ignore this but it can do much harm to your house. The blockage in the system does not let the air go out of the house and it moves back into the house. It makes a thin layer on your house walls, corners, and every uncovered part of your house.

However, with the professional help, you can secure your life and your house. Although home insurance companies can cover this, you still need experts to handle your smoke and soot damage.

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Soot Damage can be Confusing

You may get confused about soot damage because it looks like a “cobwebs” in the corner of a room, which is not always from the spiders. The smoke particles stick together to form a web-like structure. They spread easily in your house just like the dust particles and stays in parts where you cannot find them.

If you see any dust particles sticking to any corner of your house, do not ignore it. It is more destructive than anyone can think of. The particles affect your appliances and cause failure. It can also damage your house interior, walls, clothes and everything.

Although you can clean it by simple sweeping for the best results, make your move and call us.

Odor in Your House

One of the main issue caused by soot is the smell. One square of the soot releases enough odor to make sick. It can cause a headache, nausea and other physical illness in you. Their growth and smell increases in the moderate temperature and can cause more damage to your family.

Cleaning Up the Soot

Although simple sweeping can help, it is not as easy as it may seem. Since soot is different from the regular dust, it needs experts handling. There are specially designed sponges and cloths for cleaning the soot.

However, if you try to clean the soot with any wet paper, towel, or sponge, you will end up making the dust particles worse. It will embed the dust particles into the wall.

For your convenience, it is better to call 911 storm before it is too late. We can handle it professionally. We do not only clean the dust particles but also we send your appliances for testing to make sure that is working properly.

Fireplace Puff Back

As the winter season begins, people often fire up their fireplaces without the necessary cleanings. There could be any blockage in your chimney that will not allow smoke to go out. This is how the smoke spreads throughout your house and causes soot and smoke damage.

It is better to check your fire systems before starting any firework to keep yourself safe from any mishap. However, if you face any situation in your house take immediate steps and open the windows. Even then, the particles may stay on your things and hide in the corners.

You need help! Call us.

Oil and Gas Burner Puff Back

If you have fuel-burning appliances such as gas/oil stoves etc., you may suffer a “puff – back” due to any blockage in the exhaust system. The blockage reverses the smoke and it spreads throughout your house.

Although home insurance policies cover puff-back but still to avoid the situation, it is better to clean the exhaust systems regularly or call us for more help.

Puff Back Cleaning in Wilton CT

We are experts in cleaning. You can rely on us with our latest products and advanced technology of making your house pure and soot free. Our process begins with finding the source of puff back. Our skilled team has many ways to assess the situation. However, if the puff-back spreads throughout your house then we make sure that you get complete HVAC duct cleaning to avoid the growth.

Your house and appliance will go through a complete examination, test, and document. If the soot and smoke are more, we will engage another company with us to finish your work early.

We understand that it can be stressful for you but with us, you can relax a bit. We keep an eye on everything to give you the desired result. We make you comfortable with our services and we protect you from any losses.

Get a free consultation from us.

A House on Fire

This could be the most stressful situation for a person to see a house fire. The other tough situation is to clean up the mess. You need to call the right person for the right job and we provide a service you can trust. Our team can handle the situation calmly. We work through a proper channel with proper documentation and make sure that your claim is justified. We work professionally and have a backup of everything with restoration techniques that insurance companies accept.

After we are done with the process of fire and soot damage restoration, your place is ready for you to live in. Call us and tell your situation. We are happy to serve you with the best.

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