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Save Up to 20% with Shades Installation in Union Point GA

Vision Shutters and blinds are offering you an easy and economical way for your house décor. Save up to 20% and enjoy your newly embellished house.

I am Victor Carrizales, the owner of vision shutters and blinds working in America for 45 years. Window treatments were not my skills though I have learned the business. Over the past 35 years of experience, I have mastered my skills on window coverings, blinds, and shades installation.

Beautifying your house was never so easy and inexpensive. The owner himself has struggled through his life to give you a reliable service. Our team is hardworking and honest. Our quality work will make you happy. We work until you are satisfied. We keep up the good work no matter what.

Why Choosing Us for Your Shades Installation

There are reasons for our success in the industry. We have struggled hard to be on top. We provide you standard work. Our team is promising and completes its work in no time. We come to your place and listen to your requirements so that we do exactly what you want.

We understand your concerns for your windows and painted walls. Trust us. We are experienced in installing shades. We provide you a neat and clean installation with proper finishing. Your things are save with us. Our installation services are matchless.

We work as a team and we have only trained and experienced labors on our team. You can rely on us for your window treatments and covering. We care about the details. We go beyond limits to provide your windows a lavish look.


  • Our products are certified.
  • We provide 5 years guarantee for the manufacture work
  • Lifetime guarantee for our installation

Choose Your Favorite Shades

Shades serve us for double purposes. They add beauty as well as protect your house interior. There is a wide range of shades available for you to choose that matches your style. Here is what we offer:

  • Woven Shades

They are the perfect combination of wood, reeds, grass, bamboo, and other faux wood blinds. They are cost effective and embellish your living area. You can choose any that suits your interior. Cordless features are also available for child’s safety.

  • Cellular Shades

Cellular shades have a honeycomb structure. They look stylish and are energy efficient. Moreover, they help with low bills. They come in different colors and fabric too. Choose them wisely according to your place as they vary from sheer to darkness depending on the texture. They are famous for their versatile features with cordless or continuous cord lift system.

You can customize your plantation shutters according to your room décor. They are easily available in wood or composite products. They come in all sizes and colors to compliment your decor. We are professionals for installing and remodeling your shutters.

Roman Shade may look like drapery that is non-less than shades. Their use is usually where you want to allow the light to pass through. However, you can use them with lining for darkening the room. These shades give your interior a soft look. They enhance the beauty of your house.

Sheer shades come with an easy operating system to roll them up. They are suitable for the place where you want brightness with covering.

Rollers Shades are mostly for outer porches and open areas with direct sunlight. Their purpose is to save the area from sunlight. However, they have a modern and glamour’s look now. They have different color shades and textures to match with your place. They are easy to roll up.

Reasons to Cover Your Window with Shades

All shades are helpful in many ways. Here is a list to highlight the importance of shutters.

  • One of the good reasons is that they prevent your inner house and furniture from fading.
  • They serve you as the best thing for privacy. You can make your house bright with proper privacy arrangements.
  • They also serve you a security guard on your things. Your security comes first so they help you hide your things from burglar’s eye.
  • They are the best insulators. It protects you from heat in summer and from cold air in winter. Honeycomb Shades are the best for insulation purpose because of their design.
  • They can control solar light.
  • Above all, they are a beautiful addition to your house. They will cost you much and serves you more.

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We are available 6 days a week, from Monday to Friday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

We provide you free home shop service. Plan your appointment today and get up to 20% off. For your peace of mind have a look at our project portfolio. You will love our work like our thousands of customers do.

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