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From our name, you must already know that we are technical service providers. Yes, M&S Technicians is the one stop solution provider to all of your HVAC requirements in Fair Lawn NJ.

Whether you need a minor repair work or a large-scale office or industry installation and repair, we are fully equipped to serve any of your cause. You will find us timely, quick, efficient, professional, and high-quality problem solvers.

HVAC: Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Solutions

HVAC service is an all time and four-season service. In winter, you need hot water and heating in the buildings. In summer, you need ventilation and air conditioning in home and office and even you are on a ride. Therefore, you may need this service anywhere and throughout the year or anytime. M&S Techniciansis the answer to all of your heating & cooling service requirements.

During or after a home or building construction, first, professionals take care of the heating & cooling installation. Moreover, in existing buildings, heating & cooling repair is necessary from time-to-time or when needed. Our M&S Technicians understands your needs of HVAC installation as well as HVAC repair.

Boiler and Furnace Service:

You can contact us for new furnace installation job and furnace repair for an old one. We also provide you with boiler repair and boiler installation. If the work is easy or complicated, we bring it to end professionally. No work is hard for us. We are completely up-to-date with modern technology.

Industrial HVAC Installation:

We are capable of handling all commercial and industrial needs. Whether it is a small, medium, or a large-scale industry, we can tackle all HVAC difficulties. We feel proud to declare that we have been doing industrial HVAC repair projects with full customer satisfaction.

In addition, we can install mini split units at home or office. Customers can also contact us to maintain mini split units when they need. Our tailored solutions are there to solve any AC unit problems. Our trained and knowledgeable team members are experts at handling split AC tasks.

Other services by M&S Technicians include commercial refrigeration sell and air purifier installation. Air quality matters a lot, especially in industrial units. You can call us for installing an air purifier for your business unit or home.

Why Choose Us?

We cover a huge and wide range of HVAC brands. We are committed to excellence and reputation, which we have earned through continuous hard work. 

Established in 2013, we have completed many of the heating and cooling projects, which include system installation and repair. We are certified and insured. We are committed to providing you with a comfortable living and commercial works. We have a diverse practice or handling all types of household, commercial, and industrial HVAC projects.

M&S Technicians are so much dedicated to their work standards that they will not hesitate to go an extra mile for as much as possible customer satisfaction. That is the key to our success and a solid and contended clientele. Trustworthiness, truthfulness, customer satisfaction, high-quality service and most of all, affordability are the key features of the service of M&S Technicians.

We are reasonably priced and inexpensive, and we give you top rated and premium quality work. That is why; our clients do not go elsewhere and keep sticking to us. This is the biggest asset for M&S Technicians.Below are the contact details for an appointment or free estimates:

Phone number: (908) 528-0535, email:,

For details, Please feel free to call us at 908-528-0535

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