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Kirn Contracting has experienced masons in Bronx NY that do the best brick work in the area. We have the team and the equipment to build and face brick walls and chimneys with finesse and perfection. We are a company with licensed construction contractors that finish the job in time. We have a keen for details and that is why our brickwork is impeccable. Attention, to detail matters and we make sure that you get the best of both worlds.

When you are building or renovating a house, you expect a lot from the construction team. We will always try our best to materialize the image in your head to reality. If you have any special designs in your mind or want something done a specific way, all you have to do is ask. We are one of the very few contractors in Bronx NY that offer such freedom to their client. We will always put customer care ahead of everything else. Our clients are our most important asset.

Services We Offer

We offer remarkable and diverse services in Bronx NY. We have made sure that we only use the best quality of construction materials. Our team has training and all necessary and latest equipment to help with our diverse services. Our company has made sure that we never compromise on quality and that is why we guarantee satisfaction with our services. You can trust us with brick work and roofing services, as we know what we are doing.

Brick Work

Brick work requires special training and expertise. If you do not have the necessary experience, you might end up doing a bad job. Make sure you put your trust in the right company for brick pointing and maintaining brick face. We have expert masons that do not leave any job less than perfect. We are experts in making brick steps.

We only use the highest quality equipment and that is why our services are so reliable. You can trust us for tuck pointing which is the repair of brick walls and their mortar filling. We dig out the old mortar from in between the bricks and then fill it up with new mortar. We also offer the best retaining wall installation services in Bronx NY. The residents of the city trust us and that trust means a lot to us.

Water Proofing Services

We offer reliable water proofing services that are never second best. A well-constructed building can be a shambles without proper waterproofing. Water damage is bad and only gets worse with time. It is always advisable to get wall waterproofing beforehand. Once the water seeps in through the walls, the damage control and repair will cost you more. Moreover, water can also seep in from the floor. That is why it is a great idea to opt for foundation water proofing.

Paving Stone Services

We have the most skilled team that goes through rigorous training. With our experience and learning, we have mastered the art of working with paving stone. Our paving stone services include paving stone driveway, paving stone walk way and paving backyard. This is a durable material and it will make your investment a lot more valuable.

Our driveway services also extend to concrete driveway installation. Our masons use the best quality side walk cement and have expertise in providing all concrete porch services.

We are available for contact via phone at (718) 490-6901 and email at Our owner is a brick expert and he will answer any related queries.


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