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ProfAir Corp. is a professional company, which deals with A to Z HVAC repair and replacement services. We are proud to claim to be the best HVAC service and heat repair operating mainly in The Bronx NY. We are the finest and the highest quality service providers in the area of heat and cooling repair, maintenance, and replacement. With the most modern technology and devices, we are ready to serve you anytime. Our services cover all three areas of installation, repair, and replacement. Let us give you an idea of our services and solutions.

HVAC Service & Heat Repair is Seasonal

HVAC is a kind of service that is you need almost all year around. In summer, you need a cooling system and heating system in winter. Likewise, the installation, repair, and maintenance of heating and cooling system are also essential. We provide you with A to Z heating and cooling service. In addition, heating cooling systems’ replacement facility is available. Our team has the best and the most proficient HVAC contractor in The Bronx NY who can give you the finest and top quality HVAC repair and maintenance.

Additionally, every household or office, shop, factory, the industry cannot be run without central air conditioning unit. So, central air conditioning service and central air conditioning repair also become necessary. We will fulfill all of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning requirements at ProfAir Corp.

Most of the people working at ProfAir Corp. have several years of experience in this niche. Along with this, we conduct refresher training for them to get accustomed to the newest technology. We like to have and work with fresh minds. That is why; we do not hesitate to have young and freshly educated talent in our teams. This combination of young and experienced has helped us a lot in gaining a successful position in the market. Now we are striving hard to keep that position intact, earned after a toil and hard work of many years.

Furnace Tasks

We offer these furnace services:

  • New Furnace Installation
  • Furnace Repair for an old one
  • Commercial Furnace System installation and repair
  • Residential Furnace Systems installation and repair

Heat Pumps Works

You can have heat pumps’ installation as well as heat pumps’ repair for the existing one by ProfAir Corp.

Additional Services

ProfAir Corp. offers dealership for these brands:

  • Goodman dealer
  • Trane dealer
  • York dealer

Customers can have the AC services of these trademarks:

Electrical and digital gadgets and devices have a certain age. However, you can keep them in working condition for a long time with continuous checkups and proper take care. Our regular maintenance service can add to the life of your electrical devices, appliances, and systems.

We are not limited to AC services only. We also cover the maintenance of Trane heating system, Goodman heating system, and York heating system. The above-mentioned three big brand names fully trust our service quality. Their trust increases in our credibility and gives us a sort of certificate of integrity.

Why Choose ProfAir Corp.?

ProfAir Corp. has been providing HVAC services to large commercial and industrial entities since a long time. Offices, commercial plazas and buildings, hotels and restaurants, hospitals, educational institutions, fitness clubs and gyms, and sports complexes need a large system for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. These places are the major areas where we serve. For working on such huge projects, we need a team that is thoroughly professional, expert, well aware of the latest technology, and skilled.

We also offer you a free estimate before work. If you want to have our services in any of the above-mentioned fields, you will get an estimate. This free of cost estimate will be done by our expert HVAC service men and contractors.

Heating and cooling systems if not working properly can be a continuous headache. This job needs instant attention and service. You cannot live for a long time without these facilities working in proper condition. Therefore, proper maintenance is necessary to avoid any instant failure of the system.

ProfAir Corp. gives you a guaranteed preservation for heating as well as cooling systems. Whether you are in the office or at home, you stay without worries and tensions when we are there for you.

Affordability is our most prominent characteristics, which have made us immensely popular among service seekers. We get their admiration for giving full services within their budgets. Reasonable and competitive pricing is our basic feature, which we are following since day one.

We assure to give you the best of our facilities and solutions regarding HVAC service and heat repair. Our phone lines and email service stays fully active during office hours.

Contact us today to have our premium quality service and high-class customer satisfaction. We welcome always. 

For details, Please feel free to call us at 646-764-3280

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