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Welcome! This is NV.F Mechanical Corp, your A to Z home maintenance companion.

Plumbing and other home or building maintenance are the major tasks that need regular check and balance. If neglected, things can be very annoying. That is why; you need an all-time solution provider like NV.F Mechanical Corp. to take care of these matters.

We deal in all kinds of technical and mechanical works, which include plumbing, heating, drainage and sewer, piping, gas services and other home repairs’ solutions. We cover most of the Flushing NY. Let us have a look at our services in detail:

Water and Gas solutions:

Water leaks can be a great irritation. This problem needs clever detection and immediate repair. Our technical staff is capable of providing the best water leak repair and can give you a sense of relief. Likewise, we deal with gas leak repair. We can very well understand the risks involved in gas leakage. We do gas pipe replacement and repair and new gas pipe installation. You can also do gas line repair if a long patch of the line needs repair or replacement.

Sewer and Drain Line Services:

Our drain cleaners and staff are always ready to give you the solutions, which include:

Winter Season Problems:

All of us love winter but this season also brings home maintenance problems with it. You need to have furnace repair, faucet repair, boiler repair, and more to enjoy and live peacefully in winter. You cannot neglect heating system repair either. We have expert staff members for seasonal repairs, replacements, and installations. The problems like water heater repair, water heater installation, boiler service, heating system installation faced by every household. These need immediate attention and timely repair. Otherwise, spending winter becomes a headache. That is why we take your calls seriously and dispatch help immediately. Our team gets to your doorstep within the shortest time possible.

If you want to install sewer pipe, we are here for you. Alternatively, you are worried about main sewer repair, drain pipe repair, drain pipe installation, water pipe installationetc. just give us a call, and our emergency plumber will reach the site to solve your problems.

Home or commercial maintenance services are one of the hardest and most demanding tasks in the world. Nevertheless, we take pride to be one of the best solution providers in New York. You do not at all need to worry for any of the above-mentioned home problems. Just give us a call and the rest is with us.

Other Services by NV.F Mechanical Corp:

We also do these tasks for our valued customers:

Our esteemed customers can very well understand how difficult it is to have and run such a diverse service like NV.F Mechanical Corp. However, we consider solving your problems as the best of all jobs.

Our 24-hour plumbing service and competent technicians are capable of solving all of your troubles. We believe in the best customer service, the highest professional standards, top quality work and giving due respect to all of our valued customers. In addition to all this, we provide training and refresher courses to our staff. We have experienced men in our crew because it has no substitute. We also charge for our expertise and long experience, not for our services or time.

You can call us for normal or emergency services on 646 410 7681 and 914 362 9550. Alternatively, you can also email us at

For details, Please feel free to call us at 646-410-7681

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