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Get disaster recovery assistance right now. With a simple call, we can get your life back on track. Has a storm severely damaged your roof? Do you need emergency roof repair because you fear impending danger? Is your gutter causing unwanted odor and other problems that need immediate attention? Are you suffering from a natural disaster like excessive rain and need professional help for a leaking roof? If your answer to any of these is 'Yes', then know you are in safe hands. We will help you get things right in no time!

Who We Are

Our name Elite Disaster Recovery says it all! We are your disaster recovery support in Sugar Land TX. This region has a history of bad weather. The Galveston Hurricane, Tropical Storm Allison, Waco Tornado and others like these have left numerous people homeless and suffering in the past. Our goal is to stay ready to help people who suffer the consequences of these disasters. We understand the pain and stress that comes with such circumstances and want to make the lives of people better.

Roof Repair Services

After a natural disaster, the roof of any home needs immediate attention. Our services extend to repairing the following the roof if there is hail damage. A hailstorm can cause the entire structure of the roof to collapse. The shingles can damage permanently and may need complete replacement within the least possible time.

Some homes have a slanting roof, which prevents accumulation of water on the roof. Others have a flat roof, in which case the water has no outlet. The standing water causes seepage, and this leads to leaks and permanent damage to the roof. This is why it is important to construct roofs with gutters. When rain it too much, a blocked gutter or a roof without a gutter will result in a flooded roof. This affects the walls the building too.

To repair such problems, we work diligently and swiftly. Once you call us, we inspect the extent of the damage. After that, we discuss the matter with you to enlighten you about the problems and best solutions. Based on your budget we suggest roof repairs and work on it once you give permission to proceed. Within the least possible time, we repair the roof and make it more resistant to future damage. For this, we use materials that are weather damage resistant, like asphalt shingles.

Here is a quick list of what we can do for you:

  • Roof hail damage restoration – We restore hail damaged roofs using rugged materials to prevent future damage. This makes the home tough for the climate in Sugar Land TX. Hail damage repair can take some time, but our experts do a flawless work. We also replace every single hail damaged shingle.
  • Roof insurance claims – If you have roof insurance claims, this is even better. We collaborate with the insurance provider and work accordingly.
  • Asphalt shingle hail damage – If your home has asphalt shingles, we will replace them with the perfect fit. Asphalt shingles make the roof waterproof and help protect the house from damage during rain or hailstorms.
  • Flat roof hail damage – If your home has a flat roof, then we will make gutters and prevent flooding. Our trained team specializes in making gutters without causing any damage to the existing roof structure.

Our roof repair service is famous in town because we treat our customers special. We attend to your worries as if they are ours, and try to do roof leak repair or damaged roof repair within the shortest time possible. We provide a free roof estimate after a thorough roof inspection. Once we are done, there will be no signs of a previous roof water leak.

Call us today on 832 791 9060 or write to us at to get a free estimate and instant roof repair. 

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