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Your Name Inspection is not just our name; it is what we do. We provide home inspections in Orlando FL that are thorough and all-inclusive. We are a certified company, for all types of inspections for your home. Whether you need a new home inspection or one for insurance policies, a home inspection can set many things straight. Your Name Inspection has a team of professional home inspectors, trained and experienced for the job.

Each home inspector on our team receives special training and is keen to put customer service above all. We strictly maintain quality standards. You will never see us compromising on even the slightest damages. Your Name Inspection develops a detailed report of your property inspection that includes pictures and videos of the inspection. No other home inspection companies in Orlando FL take so much pain to prove their claims.

WhenShould You Get a House Inspection?

A home inspection can be of great help to anyone who is buying a new house. It increases the damage control properties of your building. You can get a clearer idea of any repairs or reconstructions that may be required. There are different times for when you can get a building inspection such as:

  • The most important one of all is a new home inspection. Without a doubt, buying a new house without getting it thoroughly checked is unwise. This is the best time you can get an inspection so you are clear about everything. Our new house inspections in Orlando FL include everything from roof inspections to foundation inspections.
  • You can get a pre purchase house inspection as well. To be on a much safer side, when you even begin thinking aboutclosing the deal you can call us. We will come by and give you a report of the pre purchase inspection so that you can make an informed decision.
  • Pre listing inspection is better for organizing a greater sales pitch for your property. This increases chances of any doubts that the interested buyer may have. Moreover, you can do damage repairs before you sell the property.
  • We also offer pre market inspections. You can get one in Orlando FL for a reasonable price. Consider the price you pay for an inspection as an investment, rather an expense. It helps you in the longer run.
  • Pre closing inspection can also provide a layer of protection for both the sellers and buyers. Get a reliable company like Your Name Inspection for pre closing inspections.
  • Most people get a four point inspection to get a better insurance policy. This will include a complete inspection of the roof, electrical and HVAC systems, and plumbing of your house. Insurance companies recommend this for houses that are more than 25 years old.
  • When you see moisture seeping in through your walls or roof it is time to get a mold inspection from Your Name Inspection. We make sure we cover all grounds for moisture and mold damage as prolonging this can make things worse.
  • Wind mitigation inspection is necessary if you want to make your house hurricane proof. Our wind inspections include checking out all windows and door panels. We make sure they have the resistance to handle strong air gushes.

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