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Brooklyn Project Management has made its way to the top asphalt contractors in Bellerose NY. We have been in the business for a long time collecting ample experience on the way. Our team consists of trained and experienced professionals that are always ready to give their best. We go the extra mile to please our customers with the service.

We only hire the best of the best servicemen that have a lot of experience on hand. We provide special training to our workers so they do not mess anything up. Our remarkable service relies on the strict standard checks and impeccable quality. We only use the best quality products and have the latest techniques. All this time in the field has made us experts and allowed us to develop the most long lasting techniques for asphalt, concrete and other materials.

Asphalt Services

Brooklyn Project Management has been providing asphalt services in Bellerose NY that are convenient and easily accessible for all. We are among the top asphalt contractors of the area. We make sure that the services we offer are of the very best quality. Compromising on service or customer satisfaction is the last thing that you can expect from us. We have the best Asphalt Repair service because our team is well trained and equipped to handle everything.

Parking Lot Services

We specialize in parking lot repair services. Parking lots are used 24/7 by all sort of people. If you own or sub-contract one, you will understand that it needs continual maintenance. You might need to repaint the walls or get road crack filling for your parking lot. We are here to provide you with reliable parking lot maintenance services.

Pavement Services

We are one of the best paving contractors in Bellerose NY. There may be many construction and maintenance project managers in the city but they all come second to us. Our company is set on the golden rules of customer care and we believe that your needs will always come first. Choose us if you are looking for a paving company for your paving repair and we will not let you down. Your pavement will look perfect after we are done with it.

Concrete Services

We deal in services related to concrete sideways and driveways. Concrete services are very different from asphalt, as the surface demands different levels of expertise. We have a devoted skill set for concrete driveway repairWe have built a name and a reputation for ourselves as a concrete contractorWe understand that the reputation is at stake with every job we complete. That is why we never leave anything undone and it is nothing but perfect. You can count on us for your concrete sidewalk repairWe assure you of a great service.

We not only offer remarkable services on site but also are also available online and on call. We promise to give prompt replies to all your queries and a courteous service. Call us at 800 208 6448 or email us at

For details, Please feel free to call us at 800-208-6448

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