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Check Right Home Inspections is a complete home inspection solution provider operating in Marietta GA, North Georgia, and other areas. We offer all kinds of inspections and advice regarding it. Our specialization area is residential estate and property.

Our Services

  • Home Inspection

We provide pre-listing inspection and property inspection for the clients who want to purchase or sell out a property. These inspections are necessary to avoid any unpleasant situation regarding property sale and purchase. We take the pride of claiming us a top rated and highly experienced home inspection company in the region. Because of having a licensed home inspector on board in our team, we have a wide clientele.

  • Foundation and Roof Inspection

Foundation and roof are the two major parts of a property, durability, and stability of which you cannot neglect at all. If you neglect it, it may cause any severe harm to you and family. You must take safety and security very seriously. You must get foundation inspection and roof inspection before you start living in any house or building.

  • Deck Inspection

The buildings with woodwork or wooden floors need regular deck inspection. Flawed decks can be a great problem and cause any incident.

  • Plumbing and Porch Inspection

We do plumbing inspection to assess the quality of plumbing work in a building. It is vital to perform before buying a property. You must also ask for a porch inspection to make sure the flawed and old wood porch does not collapse resulting in any life or property damage.

You and your family may be at great risk if you maintain the structure well. Therefore, whenever you are to buy a property, especially for residential purposes, get a thorough inspection and unbiased evaluation before purchasing. After all, your life and the lives of people you love depend on it.

At Check Right Home Inspections, you will find all of your inspection needs to be fulfilled under one roof. We believe in highest standards and timeliness.The education and experience of our team and customer care are the most important features for which people choose us.

You can contact us on (770) 490-8351 for appointments or email us for general inquiries at For more information, visit our website:

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Our Services providing quality customer service

  • Home Inspection
  • Local Home Inspector
  • Pre Listing Inspection
  • Property Inspection
  • Foundation Inspection
  • Roof Inspection
  • Deck Inspection
  • Licensed Home Inspector
  • Plumbing Inspection

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