You are not sure where to go? (Until Now)

  • You may have tried local SEO by yourself and not sure whether you are doing it right.
  • Or you may have worked with a local SEO service provider and weren’t satisfied with the results.
  • Or you may not paying any attention to your local rankings, but want them anyway.
  • Whatever your business condition is, you need visibility on local map and want more leads.

What We Do

Wondering what QRG Tech can do for you? Well its simple, QRG Tech can get your business found in local search results. Our objective is to bring more relevant traffic and leads to your business website. We do this with our unique local search placement service handled by our SEO experts. We will make sure that your online marketing budget is utilized effectively and we will prove it. We are offering quality SEO services in USA to hundreds of local business clients.

Why SEO for Local Search Results?

If you are a local business in USA then it is vital to add your business in the local organic search results and maps. Local search is now the best way for users to find the desired local businesses in their area. It has replaced the old system of Yellow Pages. In late 2004, when Google launched Google Maps, the demand for Yellow Pages had severely dropped and Google Maps popularity has skyrocketed.

QRG Tech Local SEO Technology

QRG Tech offers unique SEO consulting services in USA. Our SEO experts team have developed a state of the art local search placement service that will rank your business on the first page of Google quickly. We have a strong reputation in this business because QRG Tech provides you a dedicated business page, which is not offered by any other online marketing company in USA.

What Client Says

Black Hat vs. White Hat SEO Techniques

Our local search placement technology is purely based on white hat SEO techniques because we want you to rank for a longer period of time and earn more leads. Your business page will include:

  • Banner
  • Unique Content
  • Business Contact Info
  • Video
  • Slides
  • Map

The and show a list of top 10 or 20 local businesses in their search results when a search is performed. On the other hand we will create a dedicated business page for each of your local targeted area. In this way your business will appear in local search exclusively from our domain. We will not add any other business in the same niche in your area.